Directions - How to get to our Lake…

The Wykeham Aquapark is located approximately half a mile off the Scarborough to Pickering (A170).


When travelling from the direction of West Ayton, Scarborough, (East to West) a brown tourist sign “Wykeham Aquapark” is located on the outskirts of West Ayton, just after a Lay-By on the left - take the very next left turn (after the Lay-By) to the water sports area – on the facing corner is a sign depicting “Hanson”

When travelling from the direction of Pickering (West to East) about a mile after Wykeham village a brown tourist sign includes the direction to “Wykeham Aquapark”, this is just prior to a cross road, to the left is the village of Hutton Buscel and to the right is the turning for the water sports area – turn here…

Follow this narrow road (with passing places) to a sharp right hand corner, (slow at this corner, large gravel vehicles operate in the area) at this corner is a house, the “Keepers Cottage” - YO13 9QU) to the right of the house is a gated opening (normally open) – enter, please drive slowly there is a 5 MPH restriction and from here on access is via country style tracks (no tarmac).

The Keepers Cottage

Approximately 50/60 metres after the entrance there is another gate that is unlocked between 08:00 Hrs & 20:00 Hrs.  Just after this second gate there is a four way crossing, ignore left and right turn – go straight over, there are a number of “Aquapark” signs showing the way.  Follow the track, passing two lakes on your right hand until you come to a metal gate, pass through go straight on up, over a large hump and there you will see the lake.

(Please Note: Dogs are Not Allowed - This does not apply to guide dogs)